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Getting their name from the lost Civilisation of Lemuria, now vanished beneath the Atlantic Ocean, the Lemurian Quartz was planted with Lemurian wisdom, consciousness and enlightenment and said to have the most powerful intuitor energy in the mineral kingdom.

It is identified by the barcode like formations on atleast one side,  believed to hold ancient information and downloads. As you meditate, rub your finger along the striations to activate and download Lemurian knowledge and connect to the Lemurian energy grid.

Lemurian Quartz supports all forms of healing, facilitating the amplification of other crystal energies, and communication with healing guides

Considered one of the "Master Crystals", Lemurian Quartz are deeply connected to both Earth and the heavenly realm, and teaches oneness, reminding us that while we are all individuals, we are also connected to each other and that we are all equal in Spirit. Lemurian Quartz Crystals help us maintain our connection to Spirit, aiding spiritual evolution, and have been used successfully in dream work.


Each Lemurian Seed crystal will vary in appearance, please use the drop down menu to select your desired size and your piece will be intuitively chosen for you.

Lemurian Seed Quartz

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