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Mooka comes from the Aboriginal word meaning 'running waters'. This is a stone that taps into you own flow, encouraging a shift in energy and the ability to simply let go. Mookaite Jasper energy helps you live up to your own great expectations. It helps you overcome procrastination by unraveling the truth that sits beneath and motivates you to take the right action.

As a stone carved from the wild Aboriginal nature, Mookaite Jasper has a strong animal pull. This means that it is excellent for tapping into your spirit animal and encouraging you to work on instinct to intuitively find the right direction and will help. you dig deep beneath the surface to uncover the answers you need on a higher level all while you bringing you back to a place of self trust.

Mookaite's powerful energies help to restore tired tissue around the organs and help to balance mineral content within the body . As a root chakra stone , Mookaite also helps to keep you connected to the Earth and flowing with change, grounding your heart, mind and soul, enabling you to truly live in the moment. 


These palm stones measure approximately 4.5cm x 4cm

Mookaite Pocket Palm Stone

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