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Pyrite is a crystal of positive energy, a symbol of prosperity and good fortune and often used for abundance confidence and protection. Pyrite's mission is to shield the wearer/owner in every way possible. Whether it be from people who feed off your energy, projected anger, toxic thoughts, EMF, negative vibrations and the like.

Pyrite is great at helping you feel safe by providing emotional strengthening. It will help boost your confidence levels and overcome fears and anxieties.

Pyrite stimulates your mind and improves memory.

The physical therapeutic properties of pyrite can help with blood issues, bone diseases, viruses, fungal infections, and skin ailments. Pyrite has been found to help with fevers and inflammation. As pyrite helps you feel safe and secure, it's perfect for newborns, especially because they often wake through the night, unsure of their surroundings. Place a piece near to where they sleep and close to a light source, either a lamp or window sil.

Pyrite is associated with Leo.


Each crystal will vary in appearance and your piece will be intuitively chosen for you.

These Pyrite tumbles are available in different sizes, please select from the drop down menu.

Pyrite Tumbles

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