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The crystal of Universal love, Rose Quartz in a magickal sphere, perfect to invite unconditional love to your space and your own personal energy.


The Crystal of universal love and is of course linked to the heart chakra. 
Rose Quartz will restore trust and harmony in relationships, it will purify and open your heart at all levels, allowing you to promote self love, friendship, inner peace and any inner healing to do with wounds that the heart has suffered, it’s energy makes its way deep into the heart chakra where emotional experiences are stored, it will dissolve sorrow, worry, fear and other emotions that suppress the heart’s ability to give and receive love. It’s calming feminine energy will bring comfort, especially in times of grief, and encourage self forgiveness, acceptance, self trust and self worth. 
The physical healing properties of Rose Quartz also aid the heart, by stimulating the proper function of the heart and circulatory system and also benefits the female reproductive system. 
Rose Quartz is one of the the most popular crystals and most people will own at least one. 
Scatter throughout your home to bring harmony and unconditional love to it’s surroundings.


Available in two different sizes.


approx. 2cm


approx. 3cm

Rose Quartz Sphere

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