Selenite Moon Selenite Moon
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Shungite is a necessity if you have been
feeling foggy or low in energy, if you need to detox your spirit of negativity or especially if you’re around technology all day (which realistically we all are).
Shungite is one of the best stones for emf and emr protection. It works to harmonize the harmful frequencies while protecting and shielding you from from their effects. 
As well as placing shungite around your devices and wifi routers it’s beneficial to wear and it’s properties are intensified when paired with Selenite
Place around your home on some Selenite, or wear some Shungite jewellery to protect yourself. 
emf protection is what this crystal is most popular for but it’s also great for energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual purification it acts like a detoxifier for your soul neutralising negative energy stored within.

Shungite Pencil Point Approx 9.5cm

  • Approximately 9.5cm tall

    Natural formations of the stone may be visible from the outside.

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