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Titanium Aura, in all of its rainbow wonder,  will provide you with courage and etheric protection as it energises and enlivens all of your chakras.


Titanium Quartz is believed to clear a pathway for vital life force to flow. It may help in energising and enlivening all the chakras. So, by wearing or carrying one of these stones it may aid you in feeling more grounded, centred and energised. It helps us to dispel sorrow, replacing it with joy by stimulating humour and relaxation and is believed to help activate and enhance our mental abilities.  Titanium Quartz has spiritual properties of increased life force and helps to activate the rainbow body. It is also thought to help one relax and embrace the humorous side of life, allowing us to enjoy life to the fullest extent,  also helping you become more confident, self-aware and focused.

Titanium Aura provides courage as well as an etheric protection. It is a symbol of royalty and stimulates creativity, and passion allowing understanding to manifest.

It also aids in balancing the body, enhancing energy and the endocrine system, dissolving feelings of emotional trauma, soothing burns and strength and clarity in dysfunctional relationships.


Each crystal will vary in size and appearance and your piece will be intuitively chosen for you.

Each Titanium Aura Point measures approximately 5-6cm

Titanium Aura Point

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