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About Selenite Moon

I am an intuitive energy healer, energy is something I have always been very passionate about. Healing is something that is in my ancestry, I come from a lineage of healers, psychics and mediums. I have learnt to use what has been passed down to me and what has been shown and taught to me and make it my own kind of magick, creating Selenite Moon so that I may provide a service to you, assisting you to become aligned with your higher purpose.

I use a mixture of healing techniques such as Theta, Reiki and Soul reading just to name a few, to observe and shift your energy and assist in healing you on a deeper level.

There are a range of things that I am able to provide you with on your healing journey. Some of these include, cord cutting, removing blockages, energy retrievals, transgenerational healing including trauma and karma, belief systems, energy programming, releasing emotional cycles, inner child healing, removing negativity, house clearing and other things that may be holding you back from living a fulfilling life in line with your own Soul's purpose.

If you are ready to take your Soul on a journey, I am here and ready to hold space and facilitate this shift for you in unconditional love.

I will hand to you the tools you need to forge your new path forward, in new found clarity and positivity.


Selenite Moon's Services

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Healing & Clearing Session
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House Clearing

Absolutely everything is energy, and energy can be programmed. Energy attracts energy so most things that we buy or inherit have programs attached to them. I start by removing all negativity attached before removing any previous programming and reprogram with desired intentions.

The most popular possessions to be programmed are crystals, but jewellery and other daily items can hold energy, especially those that have been handed down through the family or bought second hand should be cleansed and re programmed.

This can also be done remotely.

My healings can be done remotely so that you may be in any place that you feel comfortable, or if location suits face to face may also be available.

I start with a  conversation to discuss your needs and locate the root of the issues, no two sessions are alike, I spend part of the hour clearing and healing whilst in and out of meditative states, this allows for the information to present itself as it is needed.

If you cannot see a session time available that works for you, please feel free to use the contact form below as I can be flexible and will always find a time to suit you.

My retail range includes sprays

and oils which have all been made by myself, each with a specific purpose and intention.

Everything I make has been cleansed and energetically programmed so that it may work with you on a Soul level, all made with with unconditional love and the purest of intentions.

You will also find a range of healing crystals. More crystals are constantly being added so be sure to keep an eye out for new beauties.

House Clearings are done remotely or in person depending on your location. I am able to tap in and remove negative energies from across the globe.

If you prefer an in person house clearing please use the contact form below and we can discuss this further.

Not only will your home be cleansed, I take extra care to then fill your space with unconditional love while offering the same to those who live in the house, before placing a protective barrier, keeping your home safe.

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