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Image by Gabby Conde
Image by Renee Kiffin
Image by Renee Kiffin

Crystals are great tools for healing, protecting, clearing and absorbing energy. They can be worn, held and placed around your home or workplace to induce the properties of whatever that particular crystal holds and invite that energy into your space.

As crystals hold energy, and may pass many hands before reaching you they do need to be cleansed before you use them and then regularly cleansed afterwards, there a many ways that you could do this, so here are a few of the easiest and most common:

-A moon bath under the light of a Full Moon. If weather is not permitting you can place them on a window sil where the moonlight hits.

-Smudging, using White Sage or Palo Santo, allowing the smoke to cocoon your crystal for 30-60 seconds.

-Placing on Selenite for 24 hours.

-Sound Therapy, using tools such as a tuning fork and singing bowl.

-Sun bath, although use caution as some crystals such as Amethyst and Rose Quartz will fade under continued sun light.

-Water, although this is not suitable for all crystals. Soft crystals such as Selenite, Gypsum and Desert Rose will become brittle and damaged. Malachite can become toxic whereas most hard crystals such as Quartz varieties are safe.

If you are unsure whether your crystal is water safe or not, it is best to skip this method all together.

When it comes to storing and travelling with your Crystals, care should be taken so that hard crystals do not damage soft crystals, it is best to keep these seperate. If you are unsure where your crystal are on the scale it is best to look at the Mohs hardness scale, and always wrap them when travelling.

It is best to not display your crystals where they have constant sunlight exposure as some of your beauties will fade.

Keep them away from places where they can be exposed to water, as mentioned above some crystals are not water safe.

If you decide to store your crystals in a box, lining the box or wrapping them in a natural fabric like silk or leather can protect them from external energies.

Keeping Crystals in your bedroom, in particular next to your bed looks beautiful and some may help with sleep, but as everyone has different energetic responses to each Crystals energy be mindful that some may interrupt your sleep or cause you to have vivid dreams. Research the properties of specific crystals before sleeping close to them.

Keep your crystals out of reach from sticky little fingers. Children are curious and Crystals are pretty and shiny. Besides having them broken, small crystals are a choking hazard and some may even become toxic if placed inside the mouth.

Don't forget to have your crystals activated and programmed. If this is something you are unable to do, I do offer this service so feel free to get in touch.

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