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Sweet Almond Oil infused with Rainbow Moonstone, Green Aventurine, Clear Quartz and Carnelian Crystals with Essential oils of Bergamot, Orange, Basil and Blue Tansy.

The Manifest oil has been energetically programmed to raise your vibration to a higher level of consciuosness so that you may be a vibrational match to the positive things you wish to attract and hold on to, creating abundance in the areas of your life that you wish it to exist and attracting your Soul's desires.

When manifesting, it is important to know that being a vibrational match to our manifestations is what is going to allow those manifestations to come in.

Apply to your pressure points as often as you like, especially inside your wrists, your temples and behind your ears, breathe it in and use while doing any manifestion work.

Manifest Roll on Oil

Out of Stock
  • 10ml

    store away from direct sunlight

    Handmade in Australia

    As these do contain essential oils, please be cautious if you are pregant or breastfeeding  and check that these are right for you.

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